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Hey there!

First of all, I want to thank you for allowing me to be a Guest Blogger on your site – I truly appreciate it. Now, onto what I will be writing about. Are you interested in gaining new connections within the business world? Have you thought about expanding your horizons and leaving your comfort zone academically? Well, if you answered yes to just one of those questions, I have the perfect event for you to attend. Recently, I went to a Career Exploration Event that the Villanova School of Business offered. It was called the VSB Moran Center for Global Leadership: Global Leadership Networking Event, and I went on November 14. Whenever the next one may be, I want you to attend it! It was a great experience, and it allowed me to dive deeper into my thoughts about my academic career. This event was formal and was business casual, but right when I walked it in was very welcoming as a nice lady handed me a “passport” that had the world map on the inside. Each station was to give a stamp on a certain part of the map, and once the student had a complete, stamp-filled map, he/she was able to enter the raffle. Not only did this encourage people to go to each station, but it also brought about some fun as well!

At the end of the event, I had two stations that I particularly enjoyed: The Office of Education Abroad and SAMOSA. If you are eager to branch off academically, then studying abroad could be for you! In my case, I have always been interested in studying abroad. But this station really solidified my choice in going, but the country I will go to is still up in the air. I do, though, have a number one spot of interest – and that is London. My friend is there right now, and he has had nothing but great things to say. Additionally, if you are like me and are looking for an English-speaking country, then London would be great! However, this station at the event opened some horizons for me. Although I do not remember his name, the man running the station emphasized that there are many other places I could go that is also English-speaking. I learned that I need to do more research as to where exactly I want to go, and this station only helped in bringing attention to the possibility of studying abroad. I would check out this station if you are even slightly considering going outside the US!

The other station, SAMOSA, was great as well. This is Villanova’s South Asian Cultural Organization. Although this specific organization may gear more towards a specific group, they were very welcoming to me. They are building everlasting connections in the business world day in and day out and having them to go to will be greatly beneficial to me. Also, my peer advisor here at Villanova is the Co-President of SAMOSA, and he will be a great connection for me going forward as well. In the end, I built some great connections in the short period of time I was there, so if you’re looking to network and expand you career, I would highly recommend attending the next VSB Moran Center for Global Leadership: Global Leadership Networking Event.

The two pictures below are the pamphlet and the passport I received at the event. And the link below will give you more information on studying abroad straight from the Office of Education Abroad at Villanova! I hope you find this useful!

Thank you!


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